Masia Molí de Can Batlle


Molí de Can Batlle farmhouse is a municipal facility of historical and cultural interest that features a seventeenth-century farmhouse, some of the original elements of which, such as the kitchen, the fireplace, the sink, a wine press, the threshing floor, the pool and the courtyard, may be visited.
The two flour mills, which are now a museum, may also be visited: one is a roller-type mill from the fifteenth century, and the other, from the nineteenth century, is driven by a large water wheel over 10 metres in diameter, the only one of its kind in the province of Barcelona and one of only a few in Catalonia.
The guided tour shows how flour mills operated, their main elements, the miller's trade, and the tools that were used. It also underlines the significance of bread and the process of obtaining flour from wheat.


Other important details

-Guided adapted to different audiences.
. Length of visit: 1 hour.
. Price: tour or workshop, please check.
. Workshops: bread shop, workshop nature, pottery and "learn to look at a painting."
. Hours: Monday through Friday tours for groups. Appointment date and time for guided tours and workshops- Guided visit: in different languages, adapted to different publics.

Correu electrònic

Free visit from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 8 pm. Arranged visits for groups.


C. Molí, 2-4
08759 Vallirana Barcelona