Beaches beyond the towel

There is an equation that holds that beach is equal to sun and towel, exclusively.

And it is true that on the beaches of Baix Llobregat you can sunbathe, of course, but you can also surf or eat an unforgettable rice, learn to sail, family playing in a perfectly conditioned area or simply relax, live and be happy.


Aquatic activities

Naturals parks

It's not about we have just one natural space.
We have a complete collection in the form of deltas and wetlands, chasms and forests,
mountains, and activities for everybody.

Nature activities


Paths and trails that never end

Whoever walks, it's healthy. But it also makes culture, while discovering paths, heritage and landscapes modeled over the centuries.

The Baix Llobregat network, perfectly signposted trails, is an invitation to walk and see more.

Path network


L’actuació Set Balcons de Montserrat és un projecte que forma part del Pla de desenvolupament turístic de la zona nord de la comarca, impulsat pel Consorci de Turisme del Baix Llobregat, i que compta amb la col·laboració tant dels municipis implicats, com el suport dels Plans de Foment Territorial del Turisme, ajut atorgat pel Departament d’Empresa i Treball de la Generalitat de Catalunya i de la Diputació de Barcelona. L’objectiu dels “Set Balcons de Montserrat” és oferir un nou producte turístic aprofitant les vistes privilegiades, amb el que s’espera atreure visitants i dinamitzar els municipis de la zona nord de la comarca.

Descobreix totes les propostes de la Zona Nord del Baix Llobregat aquí.

Land, sea and air sports

What sport do you say you do? No problem.
In Baix Llobregat we have the equipment and the offer for the practice of sports anyway,
whether they are minority or not, popular or not, risky or not… By land, sea and air.




… And don’t forget to take a break!

Parks and gardens, picnic and barbecue areas. Don't forget to regain strength, take shade, talk, relax and have a snack with family or friends.

Parks and gardens

Picnic and barbecue areas