Routes on foot or by bike in Baix Llobregat!

Between Montserrat and the Mediterranean Sea there is a network of Baix Llobregat trails, a network of signposted paths that allows you to discover the natural and cultural heritage of this region, which preserves corners full of charm and surprising scenery.

The network is divided into three large parallel axes that connect the towns of Baix Llobregat and reach Barcelona and the beaches of the Delta del Llobregat: the Eix del Riu Llobregat and, on both sides, Eix de Ponent and Eix de Llevant.

A unique opportunity to discover the roots and the best kept secrets of Baix Llobregat!


Eix de Ponent

Raised above the valley, it allows the contemplation of an exceptional landscape. Its mountainous profile requires, in some sections, to overcome steep slopes and rocky areas.

The Ponent axis (EPO) is the one with the most territory within the Baix Llobregat Network of Trails. Its tour starts in Montserrat and ends at the beaches (Castelldefels, Gavà and Viladecans beaches) and natural areas of the Delta del Llobregat. The axis is made up of a total of 80 km, and is complemented by more than 90 km of variants and links along its route. This axis is divided into north and south, and forks in the municipality of Corbera de Llobregat, as the axis of Ponent Interior (EPI), reaching the beaches of Castelldefels, Gavà and Viladecans.

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Eix del Riu

It runs through an environment with surprising corners.

Unfolded on both sides of the river from Martorell, it has a wide road, with a smooth and flat profile, ideal for walks and bicycle routes.

*Currently, the Eix del riu is operational from Martorell (Pont del Diable) until reaching Prat de Llobregat.

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PR - Petit Recorregut

Senders de petit recorregut (PR®-C), d’entre 10 i 50 km, marcats amb franges blanques i grogues.

SL - Senders Locals

Senders locals (SL®-C), de menys de 10 km, marcats amb franges blanques i verdes.

General recommendations

  • You must be properly equipped according to the weather and the season.
  • Inform yourself of the weather conditions previously.
  • Respect the path and the natural environment.
  • Deposit the waste you generate in the available containers to the point of each town.
  • Dipositeu les deixalles que genereu als contenidors disponibles als nuclis de cada municipi.