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Beach and mountains, enjoy the natural environment of Baix Llobregat

In Baix Llobregat you will find a coastline of fine sand beaches, one around mountain ranges such as Montserrat or Lo Garraf and the ecological wealth of the Llobregat Delta. All these natural spaces determine its identity and its unique appeal.


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An extraordinary modernist heritage

The Baix Llobregat region offers visitors the discovery of an extraordinary modernist historical heritage.

Its beauty is unusual, as evidenced by the work of Antonio Gaudí in Colonia Güell or that of Josep Maria Jujol in Sant Joan Despí.

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A sustainable destination

Sustainable tourism essentially implies the development of the territories in such a way that the three fundamental axes that characterize them: culture, the environment and the socioeconomic sphere receive a positive impact from tourist activity. For this reason, Baix Llobregat works with tourism companies and entities in the territory that have decided to take a step forward so that this positive development can take place.

Commitment for Sustainability Biosphere

From the garden to the plate, authentic and quality cuisine

A region that is characterized by quality cuisine at the height of the most demanding palates and whose fundamental ingredients are native products with a designation of origin grown in the Baix Llobregat Agrarian Park.



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