Festival Internacional de Teatre al Carrer de Viladecans


The International Festival of Theater and Animation of Viladecans, is one of the most important events of Catalonia in the performing arts of the street.

Viladecans is transformed into a great stage where artists from all over the world offer the best proposals for theater, dance, circus, music and street entertainment, and where everyone can stop, watch and enjoy.

On the street is much more than a festival: actors, actresses, dancers, clowns, musicians, programmers and citizens live together in a great art festival in their purest form. The streets and squares of Viladecans breathe a different atmosphere, full of magic and imagination, which makes the city transform its physiognomy and live a different, lively and festive reality. Enjoy the artistic proposals, the city and its intense life on the street, you are all invited.

For three days, the city invites you to enjoy its streets and places full of magic and the emotion of artistic expression. Thus, more than 30 companies meet in Viladecans with a selection of proposals for theater, dance, animation and children's assemblies.

Date: July.

Frequency: Annual.

Further information: City Council of Viladecans.

936 35 18 02

Centre Urbà
08840 Viladecans Barcelona