La Carxofada i el Mes de la Carxofa a Sant Boi


The artichoke, Sant Boi's most characteristic agricultural product, is a symbol of the municipality and a source of collective pride.

The Carxofada is Sant Boi's own festival, which began in 2000 and has become a much-loved event. The central element is a tasting of dishes made with the artichoke as the main ingredient and a cooking competition. A group of local restaurants cook this product in different ways to please the most demanding palates. The artichokes consumed are from farmers in Sant Boi, within the Baix Llobregat Agricultural Park, which guarantees their freshness and quality.

In addition, the celebration takes place within the Artichoke Month, in which several restaurants in the municipality offer dishes made with Sant Boi artichokes on their menus.

The Sant Boi Artichoke Month
Throughout the month of March Sant Boi celebrates Artichoke Month, an extensive programme of activities, offers and promotions organised by the Town Council, the Sant Boi Agricultural Cooperative and the Degusta Sant Boi association to enjoy the star product of local agriculture and gastronomy.



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