Church of Sant Pere de Sacama


The Sant Pere hermitage is the former chapel of the Castell de Sacama (or Camba) castle, and is dedicated to the Apostle Peter. It is a single-nave chapel with a semi-circular Lombard apse and a bell tower in the shape of a small chair. The apse is all that remains of the old Romanesque chapel, built between 963 and 966 A.D. over the remains of an old Visigothic oratory. It is a magnificent looking construction, with fine masonry, Lombard arches and a small semicircular central window. The rest of the nave is the product of a subsequent reconstruction. The door faces west and has a lintel.

In the archeological digs that have been conducted, significant findings have been made both within and outside the hermitage: the presence of an Iberian-era site dating back to the 2nd century B. C. and the remains of a dwelling classified as Carolingian and of a medieval necropolis (14th-15th century).

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