Ermita Santa Maria del Bon Viatge


A religious building with a rectangular layout, covered over with beams over a diaphragm arch. It is enclosed on one side by the street, to the rear by a group of old houses abutting the chapel, and an enclosed garden on the other side. Supported by buttresses, it has circular openings and is topped by a bell gable. It stands right opposite the Church of Sant Joan Baptista.

Used to document the passage of travellers who would make a halt here to petition the Virgin Mary for a safe voyage. Damaged by war and repeated flooding. As the level of the road has risen, the floor level of the chapel has dropped in relative terms, requiring steps to be installed to provide unimpeded access. According to the documents held in the diocesan archive, the Virgin Mary has been venerated in this chapel since 1262. It also provided accommodation and board.


Two polychromatic wooden Romanesque carvings of the image of Our Lady are preserved (only the head of one of them still survives). It is believed that one of the two could have been the image worshipped at the Shrine of the Good Journey.

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Carrer Bon Viatge
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