Hermitage of Sant Joan


Located in Pla de Sant Joan, the Ermita Park is a flat space located in the southeast of the nucleus of Palma de Cervelló. It limits in the north with the cliffs of the Planes and Pallejà; in the west, with the Can Pongem forests and, further down, with the Rafamans stream which, following its course, also limits it to the south; finally, by raising the limits can be established in the B-24 road and in the torrent de las Fallulles. The hermitage, built in the s. XI by the Benedictine nuns of Sant Pere de Puelles (Barcelona). It has a single nave, covered with a barrel vault and with a slightly narrower semicircular apse, where the Lombard-style arches are still preserved. In recent excavations some old silos covered with stone slabs were found. The original llicorella slabs from the mining operations in the area are still preserved on the roof.

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Parc de l'Ermita. Seguint el camí del Cementiri
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