Hermitage of Santa Margarida del Cairat


The chapel of Santa Margarida is located on a cliff, next to the Cairat gorge, it is possible to go around the hermitage as long as you have a good balance, and the day is not too windy. The church has an excellent appearance, thanks to the particular care that the property has, the neighboring farmhouse of Can Paloma, which in 1965 took charge of its restoration.

The hermitage is an excellent viewpoint over the river, where you can see the dam called El Cairat, which supplied water to the Sedó Textile Colony, located in the Esparreguera, below the Puig, just called Santa Maria. , in attention to the Romanesque temple that together with Santa Margarida, are two Romanesque temples, which give the town a well-deserved prestige.


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