Lacus d'antiga vila romana


A lacus is a deposit that could be used to ferment the grape must, after which the wine was obtained, or it was used to leave the oil resting. You can still see the bucket that was used to collect the pits and clean it. It has an opus signinum lining that made it impermeable. The lacus is from the Imperial Roman period and was built around the 1st century AD. It was in operation until the second half of the 2nd century AD, in the days of the emperors Marc Aureli, Antoni Pius and Comfortable. This structure, which was used to contain liquids, was the best preserved of those that appeared in the Roman site of Quatre Camins near the Carretera Real. This site had been cataloged in 1985 as an area of ​​archaeological expectation within the Heritage Protection Catalog.

In 2004, following the construction of the T3 line of the Baix Llobregat tramway, the archeological excavation of these remains was carried out.
The archaeologists located several room structures belonging to the rustic part of a Roman town, with half of this lacus standing out, which has been moved to the Red Field Park.
A restorative team has restored the original structure and delimited the other half not preserved.

The lacus is located inside the Red Field Park, a public space located in the South district. It can be accessed by av. of the Industry and the Highway. You can reach the park in Trambaix (Walden stop) or in the various bus lines that pass along the road. In this park you will find a large green area and children's games in addition to this archaeological remains that were found a few meters away from where it has been definitively located.

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