Sant Pere Church


Church of the first Catalan Romanesque. Highlights include the Romanesque bell tower and presbytery, and the pre-Romanesque interior nave from the 10th-11th centuries. The building has a single floor plan and a tripartite head with three semicircular apses arranged in a cross.

Church first documented in 1110 and which is a harmonious example of the first Romanesque style in Catalonia. The building is a single floor plan and head of three elements with three semicircular apses arranged in a cross, which have three semicircular windows open to the wall. The apses generate three arches that rotate in a transept covered with an edge vault and the naves are covered with a barrel vault.

In the 12th century an extension was made which affected the walls of the nave and the entrance door to the side wall. This access consists of a semicircular archivolt sculpted with plant motifs.

Puig i Cadafalch speaks of this church as an example of a transfer between the temples that have a dome to those that do not.

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