Santa Maria Church


The Santa María de Corbera Church sits up on the hill where there used to be part of the old Corbera barons' castle. The castle and the church in Corbera have always been next to each other. It's really ancient, like from the 13th century, but even older bits of the castle have been found, dating back to the 10th century. Some guy named Guillem de Mediona, who owned the castle and the church, left some clues in his will. Even though folks call it the Santa Maria de Corbera parish church, it's not actually all about the Virgin Mary. It's actually dedicated to Mary Magdalene because they do their religious stuff for her on July 22nd. Inside the church, there's this old statue of Santa Magdalena from way back in the 15th century, and she's like a co-patron with San Antoni Abad. The people of Corbera really love her, like back in 1295, the Lord of Corbera wanted a constant light on her altar day and night. There's also this cool carving of the Virgin Mary of the Milk from the 12th-13th centuries that used to be in Sant Ponç Monastery. The church's fancy altar, from the late 16th century, is all about the Virgin Mary of Roser, done up in that Renaissance style. You'll find scenes from Jesus' life there.

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