Barcelona Paintball


Barcelona Paintball is the oldest strategy´s games company existing in Spain. Since our foundation in 1994, multitude of groups, companies and organizations of different characteristics and dimensions, have participated in our activities. Our goal is not only the Paintball activity, but to fulfil the expectations of our guests, on having an excited day on a journey full of nature, and an unforgettable and antistress experience.The game´s features allow to appreciate the single and group skills of the participants: personal initiative, courage, strategy, intelligence, improvisation, group leadership, therefore being Paintball considered as one of the most effective activities to draw conclusions on the formation of collective enterprise. Our Paintball system path, changing stages, allows us to have a great variety of games and a great capacity for participants.

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Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.


BV, 2424, km.1
08756 La Palma de Cervelló Barcelona

La Palma de Cervelló

Paintball: (from 14 years) Complete equipment (camouflage equipment, full face mask and unlimited compressed air) Liability and accident insurance semi-automatic marker Paintball monitors Mineral water throughout the route Use of the area Picnic (Tables and chairs) where you can take your food or you can order it at our facilities. Cadet rate with 200 balls: 25 € / person VAT included Rambo rate with 600 balls: 45 € / person VAT included Extra refills 100 balls: 7 € Extra boxes 2000 balls: 110 € 2. Paintball "kids": Includes: Equipment (vest protective, marker adapted for children and full face mask) Liability and accident insurance Paintball monitors Mineral water throughout the route Basic children's paintball 20 € / person VAT included with ammunition included. Duration 2.5 hours. Children's paintball + "treasure hunt" gymkhana: 22 € / person VAT included with all ammunition included plus a fun pirate gymkhana. Duration -3 hours.