Escapa 32 Room Escape

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It is a live adventure game which consists in entering a room in groups of 2 to 6 players. Once you enter the room you will have to solve the mission and we will have to leave in the shortest possible time, you will have to solve enigmas and different types of puzzles. It is very important that there is good group cohesion and good communication between all members at all times, since it will be essential to be able to solve the mission.

The mission: THE OIL FORMULA

Doctor Robert has been studying oil for years to try to do as good as that of Olesa, but he has not succeeded. Due to his frustration, he decided to steal the formula. All his experiments and searches are carried out in a small clandestine laboratory, where we suspect that he has hidden the stolen formula.

That is why we need good researchers, since the mission we propose is not easy. We carry several weeks spying on their movements and following the track. From here we will deactivate the laboratory's alarms for the next 60 minutes. During this time margin you will have to recover the formula and escape from the laboratory before the doctor arrives.

Correu electrònic
665 34 65 59

Francesc Macià, 32 Local 1
08640 Olesa de Montserrat Barcelona

Olesa de Montserrat