Synergo escaperoom


Home sweet home, or so it is said. It is not your case ... nothing good has happened in your house since your stepmother arrived, a horrible woman, full of hate and willing to leave you to your fate in the forest. Does your father know it?
Lost in the forest, you cling to your mother's medallion that fills you with courage and you feel that nothing can harm you ... You'll reach a fork that can change everything ... where are you going, lost children?

CANDY HOUSE, the best option to go with your family.

WITCH HUNTERS, when something can go wrong, it will always get worse. (+14 years old).

Correu electrònic
695 52 95 69
Monday through Sunday from 10 a to 22 hours

Didac Priu, 40
08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat Barcelona

Sant Boi de Llobregat

Preu en funció de les persones participants.

  • 2 persones: 60 euros
  • 3 persones: 72 euros
  • 4 persones: 80 euros
  • 5 persones: 90 euros
  • 6 persones: 108 euros