El Ferret. Itinerari del carst


It is a short itinerary of about four kilometers in which visitors will get to know each and every one of the components of a geological karst, while at the same time making known the economic and historical aspects of the population (the people of the karst ) who lived in a karst terrain such as the Garraf massif.

During the itinerary, a dozen stops are made in which the following places of interest are visited:

A polie (the polie of Begues)
A cave (Cova de Can Sadurní)
A chasm of 75 m. (Chasm of Can Sadurní)
Three sinkholes (Campo de Dolinas del Plan de Baches de Huesos, Dolina de las Encinas, Dolina de la Grieta de Las Encinas, Dolina de la Cueva de Can Sadurní)
A rake (over the Can Sadurní cave)
A wolf salt mine (Can Sadurní)
A dry stone cabin (Cabana del Camp del Talleret)
A medieval path (miller path from Begues in Vallirana)
The remains of a chalcolithic dolmen (dolmen of Ardenya) next to a hill of division of terms (neck of Ardenya)
The remains of the lime kiln 2 of Can Sadurní

Guided visits

The Collective for the Investigation of Prehistory and Archeology of Garraf-Ordal (CIPAG), in collaboration with the City of Begues, offers the possibility of doing this itinerary in a guided way.

Dates: the 2nd Sunday of each month

Meeting point: Parking at the Can Sadurní farmhouse

Information and reservations: covadecansadurni@gmail.com

P.S. On this tour you can find different chasms and geological features. We recommend that you follow the marked paths, that you exercise extreme caution when walking in the area and take care of children and pets, the responsibility will be yours.

Correu electrònic

10 a.m.


Aparcament de la masia de Can Sadurní
08859 Begues Barcelona


10 €/person (Free for children up to 6 years)