Jardins del Palau Falguera

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Jardins del Palau Falguera.jpg

The Palau Falguera gardens date from the 17th century, when Jaume Falguera built a large palace with gardens that reached the Llobregat River. Some historical sources mention the stay at the Falguera Palace of King Philip V in the early eighteenth century. Until 1988, this historic complex was owned by the Marquis de Castellbell, descendant of Jaume Falguera.

In 1995, the farm, which is currently made up of a 2,800 m² palace and gardens, which have an area of ​​1,5 hectares, was acquired by the City Council of Sant Feliu de Llobregat to become a public park .

The Palau building houses several municipal services, as well as the Municipal Music School. In addition, since 2006 is the headquarters of the National Exhibition of Roses.

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Palau Falguera
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