Parc de Can Guardiola

Parc de Can Guardiola.jpg
Parc de Can Guardiola.jpg
A park with large plantations, natural and organic

The park was built in the mid-nineties and comprises a natural and organic layout that is typically Mediterranean. This is due to the maintenance of existing trees (169 trees) that could be saved in the construction process, which was very respectful with the specimens: large areas such as Canarian palm trees, pine woods, carob trees and olive trees.
In the new plantations (815 trees), it was continued using Mediterranean-like trees, such as lledoners, shade bananas, lindens, oaks, pinyoners and shrubs such as broomsticks, white broomsticks, arbutus, rosemary , and other ornamental plants such as the plumero of the pampas or mimosa.

Surface area 35,030 m2

Activities: stroll, stay, playground, and other outdoor activities.

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C/ de Can Guardiola , s/n
08840 Viladecans Barcelona