Parc del Pi Gros

© Ernest Costa
© Ernest Costa
The design assumes the forest condition of the place, considering the repopulation with native species, and the urban condition, improving the communications of the zone and creating areas of games, picnic, stroll, etc. The park is a large forest space of more than 20 hectares, which has been mainly carried out in two sectors: that of the terraces and that of the Font de Sant Josep path.

Zone A. The terraces
This sector, strongly urbanized, follows the slope of the mountain through three terraces at different levels, where different species of Mediterranean and exotic trees grow (oaks, oaks, robins, acacias, meanders and trees of love).

The terraces, as well as places of stroll and stay, are large balconies, viewpoints on a series, quite interesting, of environments and landscapes. From the upper one, where there is the picnic area, you can admire excellent panoramic views of the lower valley and the Llobregat delta and the western sector of Collserola. In the lower part, a large sauló esplanade with children's games and some sparse pines and oaks is the area of ​​collective activities.

Walls made of llicorelles (stone typical of the area), a large wooden stairway, made with train crossings, and the predominance of native vegetation are elements that contribute to a better integration of the Park in the surroundings. Opposite the esplanade, there is a magnificent pine tree, centenary, popularly known as Pi Gros *. In March 1995, the city council declared it a tree of local interest.

Zone B. The path of the Font of Sant Josep
The path of La Font de Sant Josep, which follows the torrent of the same name, joins the pleasant urban center of Sant Vicenç with the area of ​​the terraces of the Park. On both sides of the path, vegetation has very different characteristics. At the end of the route, a set of wooden ramps and stairs, gently climbs up the slope, between small slopes with oaks, oaks and pine trees, until you reach the central part of the Park.

The northern slope has vegetation adapted to better conditions of shade and humidity, which have facilitated the abundant presence of a sub-Mediterranean species, the cerrioid oak. Near the water there are also other riverside species (ash, owls, hawthorns, hawthorns). Further back, already in a second line, stains of oaks are interlaced with oaks and occupy a drier environment, moving away from the stream. At the beginning of the path highlights a large owl, with a strong and majestic stem.

Inauguration: 1990
Surface area: 4.3 ha
Service information
Singular vegetation, panoramic view, drinking water fountains, children's games, picnic area, barbecues, parking lot, WC.

Parc del Pi Gros
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