La Salut stay area

Àrea d'estada La Salut
Àrea d'estada La Salut
Àrea d'estada La Salut
Àrea d'estada La Salut

This sector is located between the towns of Papiol, Molins de Rei and the nuclei of Valldoreix and Vallpineda, it is therefore the access to the Park by the extreme west, visually recognizable by the presence of the Puig de la Madrona that gives it personality . This area is close to the hermitage. The pine grove has no undergrowth, probably due to the frequentation of the place. The area has traditionally been a place for snacks and gatherings.

The landscape of the area is forested. White pine forests predominate in most of the territory, although holm oak groves also play an important role. As we descend in altitude and approach the urban centers, the forest gives way to crops. Olive groves and fruit trees are common crops.

Correu electrònic
932 803 552

Avinguda de Can Monmany, 89
08754 El Papiol Barcelona

El Papiol
Picnic tables


By foot:

From Papiol along the forest track that connects with Valldoreix, 15 min
From Vallvidrera, Camí de Can Montmany, 15 min

Public transport:

FGC: Paiol Station, 15 min
Bus: Line L67 Castellbisbal-El Papiol-Barcelona
Bus from Valldoreix: Plaça Oliveres Station