Monastery of Sant Ponç de Corbera


Sant Ponç de Corbera is a Romanesque church built in the eleventh century in Lombard Romanesque style. Originally was part of the Benedictine monastery of the same name that was originally a Benedictine priory, which was dependent on the Abbey of Cluny through the monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres. The church, in general, is in great condition. It retains small fragments of mural painting, they appear to be original. You can see the remains of the furnace used in the smelting process of the first bell.

However, the cloister and monastic buildings have been buried by the set construction and alterations that have been made in modern times. It was stated Historic Monument - Art in 1931 The last restoration is 1992, but overall the temple remains faithful to the original construction, with almost no modification..

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Vall de Sant Ponç. Barriada de l’Amunt
08758 Cervelló Barcelona

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