Jardins de Magdalena Modolell

Jardins de Can Modolell.jpg
Jardins de Can Modolell.jpg
An exotic garden in a Mediterranean city
Romantic garden of the late nineteenth century, when it was created for the benefit of the Modolell family. It corresponds to an era where it became fashionable to decorate the gardens of the wealthy families with exotic tree species, influenced by the "indianos" returned from America.
Thus we can find an exemplary Xicranda, a tree from South America, of approximately 110 years old, with its surprisingly spectacular blue flowering, or the palm trees of the whaling species of more than 25 meters high, the most highways of the municipality.
Also worth noting is the kiosk of birds (periquitos), which gives one of the popular names of the garden.
Surface area 3,035 m2
Activities: stay, playground and other outdoor activities.

8.00 h. a 21.00 h. tot l’any.


C/ de Jaume Abril , 2
08840 Viladecans Barcelona