Olesa de Montserrat


Located only 20 kilometres from Montserrat monastery, this village is distinctly agricultural, with olives being the main crop. Its olive oil (Molí d'Oli) is internationally renowned.

Its architectural attractions include the Clock Tower –located in the old centre, around which the first village centre gradually developed. Also of interest are the San Salvador de les Espases hermitage and the Sant Pere Sacama castle, both dating back to the 10th century.

In addition, we must point out to the geological uniqueness of Ribes Blaves. La Passió d'Olesa, the staging of a sacred drama already documented in the 16th century, is a first class scenic event, which is well known outside the village


Plaça de Fèlix Figueras i Aragay, s/n
08640 Olesa de Montserrat Barcelona

Olesa de Montserrat